Dawnhouse School, Nairobi.

Director’s Welcome Note:

I am delighted to share this opportunity to inform you about Dawnhouse School, Nairobi.

It is a unique environment that has been effectively designed and developed to meet the needs of children with autism and other spectrum disorders. Every aspect of learning and environment has been modified to support the students in their journey to become independent, confident participants in the community. We are of the view that autism is a different way of engaging and learning and strive to work with strengths and talents.

We follow the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC). In addition to our qualified teaching staff, we work hand in hand with a therapy team to realize maximum impact for the children.

Our staff are highly trained to offer all the needed support to the children in all the programs and approaches to learning.

We work very closely with the parents to achieve consistency of approaches across home and school. The contribution of our parents is highly valued. I look forward to welcoming you to Dawnhouse School, Nairobi.

Mr. Haron Kimani